Love Thy Neighbor

Ms. Martha, a single mom, has two active teens in the home, one child she is the adoring mom, always caring, tender, supportive and forgiving. The other child, she is distant, critical, demanding and combative.

One afternoon the favorite child was ironing and left the iron on after completing their work. Ms. Martha said nothing to the child responsible for the iron being left on, but brought it to the attention of the child not responsible. Ms. Martha lectured the child on the responsibility she has of being the head of the household and did not have time to oversee such errors committed by her favorite child. As punishment, she told the child not responsible not to iron in the laundry room again. She never said anything to the child responsible for leaving the iron on.

We are taught in our christian faith to love thy neighbor as our self, for Ms. Martha to make such a strong difference in the treatment of the two children under her care is a message of the world's way of only loving what belongs to them. You see, Ms. Martha's favorite child is her birth child, the other child is a foster care child.

The unconditional love and support that is needed to care for vulnerable children should reach beyond the provision of physical care, there needs to be a love that is extended to love them as Christ loves us. In Mark

12:31 The second is this: "You shall love your neighbor as yourself. "There is no other commandment greater than these."

We at Soar As Eagles Ministries, Inc. is committed to loving and caring for all the children we have the honor and privilege of working with. We instill every day the belief we are all children of God, and these young lives are a gift to us to teach, raise up and love as they are all the apple of our eyes, that they are endowed by their creator to posses unconditional love in this journey of life.

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